Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cell's Bells

(Woman's Era July (Second) 2004)

The cell phone is a glamorous accessory to be flaunted everywhere--- at parties, the theatre, PTA meetings and on the road. This is what I felt especially when I saw the characters in TV soaps, clutching a cell phone each. They do take things a tad too far. Calling each other from one room to another, for heaven’s sake! Of course, one may argue that the houses are palatial, so it is an elegant alternative to hollering down the corridor or up the staircase! (Whatever happened to the intercom?)
I recently became the not-so-proud owner of a cell phone. Not so proud, because it was a hand-me-down from hubby dear, who wanted to get the latest model. Anyway it serves my purpose, which is to keep tabs on the house when I’m out of it (and to let those at home keep tabs on me!)
I may be computer savvy, but I feel like a dinosaur when it comes to using the mobile phone. The other day, I tried to SMS a list of school uniform items to my husband’s phone and simultaneously tried to use the built-in directory to send it to him. The SMS went all right, but not to him. My phone still has the numbers of some of my husband’s colleagues and associates. So somewhere out there is some associate of my husband’s, feeling very puzzled indeed about a message that reads, “2 shrts, I shor, 4 prs sox”. Did I mention that I’m not very good at word-contraction either? I just hope that it didn’t go to his boss. I fervently hope that my mystifying message is lost in the cellular equivalent of cyberspace!
The mobile phone and driving don’t mix, just like one is not supposed to drink and drive. So the alternative is the hands-free attachment, which lets you talk, and still keep both hands on the steering wheel. The fun starts when people use the hands-free option when they are walking or sitting—they look like they are talking to themselves!
The kids dare not touch their Dad’s phone, but they have a proprietary interest in their Mom’s mobile, because I am always asking them for help about it! Their fave pastime is changing the ring tone. This results in great confusion when I’m out, because I do not respond when my phone rings, but frantically try to answer when some other person’s does! When I do hear it correctly, I waste precious seconds fumbling for it in my voluminous purse, which is stuffed with more odds and ends than the attic. Of course it stops ringing the minute I finally lay my hands on it. I have deleted missed calls before retrieving the numbers they were from, because--- yes you guessed right--- I pressed the wrong button.
So where does one keep the pesky little thing so that it is easy to get at? There are purses with a special pocket for the purpose, but one may not want to carry such a purse everywhere. The cell phone case which can be attached to the belt is fine, so long as one is wearing trousers. And having it dangling from your neck seems to give the little gadget too much importance.
Well, I have now joined the ranks of women who walk around with it in their hands.


Anonymous Charu said...

:)) now you have the perfect solution! but yes, I found myself nodding at every word here - the cell phone does become a nuisance - es when people call and sms you at all odd hours - assuming that you are waiting with bated breath just for that!

yennyways, now head to Kuamran's and get yourself some of those pocket-saris!

7:45 PM   

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